Suburbs switch off as analogue signal comes to an end

ANALOG television services were switched off today, June 4,  in Woronora and Bonnet Bay.

TV signals in those suburbs will be broadcast in digital format only as part of the nationwide switch-over to digital-only free-to-air TV.

The rest of Sydney will make the change on December 3.

The changeover occurred earlier in Woronora because the transmitter on Woronora Bridge was unable to broadcast analog and digital TV simultaneously.

Woronora Heights, Yarrawarrah and Bangor are within the predicted coverage of the upgraded transmitter.

To continue watching free-to-air channels, residents either need to have a television with a built-in digital tuner or an analog television connected to a set-top box or digital recorder.

Some residents will also need to check their antenna systems and cables are equipped to receive digital TV services. This includes any extra antenna points in the house.

The Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy recommends that: ‘‘If your antenna is currently pointing towards Woronora Bridgeyou will need to retune your digital TV or set-top box to receive the digital services broadcast.

‘‘If you currently have good digital TV reception you do not need to do anything’’.

The coverage pattern of the transmitter is being extended to cover parts of Bonnet Bay, which had poor-quality digital TV reception.

George and Denise Tretiak, of Harding Place in Bonnet Bay, upgraded to a digital television four years ago in preparation for the switch-over.

Mrs Tretiak also replaced her elderly mother’s television, which was more than 10 years old, ‘‘in preparation’’ for the change.

Under the Household Assistance Scheme, some residents will be eligible to receive free digital equipment, installation, after-care support and equipment warranty carried out by a government-contracted installer.

There are 17 free-to-air digital TV channels now available.

Are you experiencing problems with your TV reception following the switch-over?

Have you made the switch? Picture: Louise Kennerley

Have you made the switch? Picture: Louise Kennerley