Put the house right re shire LEP

The decision to further extend the public exhibition of the controversial draft Sutherland Shire local environmental plan is a classic case of putting the cart before the horse.

The essential first priority for new mayor Steve Simpson and all councillors is not the draft LEP but restoring the reputation of the council.

After all, councillors are supposed to represent all, and not — as recent media reports suggest — just mates who got favours, or could make fortunes from new council policy.

Continuing to seek opinions on the LEP, which may be an irreparably damaged piece of policy, is a waste of time. After all, the LEP and the processes that produced it must be a fundamental part of the inquiry demanded by councillors.

Some want nothing to change in the shire, but realistically, it must change to accommodate population growth.

But it must do so in a manner that permits thoughtful, acceptable development while retaining as much as possible of our shire's enviable lifestyle.

The first challenges of the strength of mayor Simpson's leadership will be how fast he visits the Minister for Local Government and whether he gains the demanded full, independent inquiry into the workings of the council over the last year.

He could also start rebuilding community trust by immediately suspending any further consideration of the LEP until after an inquiry is held.

John Mulcair, Cronulla

Scrutiny needed

The recent grave revelations concerning the Liberal mayor Kent Johns (Leader, September 24) further exemplifies the necessity for greater scrutiny of persons holding public office.

Cr Johns was the former Labor mayor of Rockdale and, since being elected to the shire mayoral position, has presided over an alarming and uncontrolled raft of rule and regulation changes.

The ramification of these changes, if they were to be implemented, would see a marked decline in the standard of shire living. A full, thorough, and transparent public investigation must be called for immediately.

Warwick Kent , Cronulla South

Hold him accountable

I hope enough Sutherland Shire residents read the Fairfax Media reports to reveal who our council is being run by. Now we know the real reason Cr Johns is not running for Miranda is because he is under investigation.

This council was being led by the "developer's friend".

When is this man going to held accountable?

Steven, Cronulla

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