Group claims 256 names are missing from Spring Gully petition

Concerned: Mark Da Silva spokesman of Spring Gully protection group. Picture: Anna Warr
Concerned: Mark Da Silva spokesman of Spring Gully protection group. Picture: Anna Warr

THE Bundeena-based Spring Gully Protection Group says more than 250 names are missing from the 680 signature petition it presented to Heathcote MP Lee Evans calling for a stop to an eco-tourism resort in the group's suburb.

The petition called for the NSW government to ensure that the 5.6 hectare parcel of bushland at Spring Gully sold by Scouts Australia (NSW) in July to a developer be conserved and added to the adjoining Royal National Park.

Spring Gully Protection Group spokesman Mark Da Silva said the petition totalling 680 signatures was delivered to Mr Evans's electorate office in two batches in April and June.

"In a meeting with Mr Evans on April 22 at his electorate office, he advised us that if the petition received 500 signatures or more he would arrange an audience with the Minister for the Environment and Heritage, Robyn Parker.

"A second batch of signatures was delivered in person to Mr Evans's electorate office in June, 2013."

The group asked Greens MP for Balmain Jamie Parker to approach Mr Evans and ask him to return the petition.

"Of the 680 signatures on the petition, only 424 were returned to Mr Parker — 256 signatures were missing,"' Mr Da Silva said.

Mr Evans's office confirmed that the group's petition did not have enough signatures.

"There were more than 500 signatures but they have to be people who are on the electoral roll," he said.

"When we counted them, there were less than 500 names who were on the electoral roll."

The minister wrote to Mr Evans saying that it was not the government's policy to acquire private land compulsorily for addition to the national park system.