Real-life ghostbuster

"The cosmos is such a complex place": Janine Donnellan with her grandfather's crystal ball. Picture: Lisa McMahon

THOSE who have a curiosity for the paranormal or want to be a ghostbuster can learn parapsychology at Kirrawee.

Janine Donnellan helps students become professional paranormal investigators.

Mrs Donnellan has been practising paranormal investigation for 15 years and in that time has watched it go from a misunderstood activity to a popular job.

She attributes the rise in popularity to a raft of television shows devoted to trying to make sense of events or experiences that do not seem to be explainable in terms of our everyday understanding.

"Many people see these shows and think they can do what they like but spirits can be quite dangerous if you get a bad one; they can be aggressive," she said. "Ninety-nine per cent of spirits are human but there are some non-human. But fortunately we don't come across them very often.

"Many people call them demons but they are probably something else; the cosmos is such a complex place."

Mrs Donnellan runs 12-week parapsychology certificate courses that encompass the psychic, science and logic. Students use EMF monitors and other equipment.

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