40 hot gifs for a 40-degree day

Looking for some more tips on how to deal with the heat today? And you want them in gif form? Say no more!

Stay cool, like this very cool sloth.

Don’t forget to wipe away the sweat.

Always keep it classy.

Catch a wave, if you can.

Heading to the beach is definitely not the worst idea.

But don’t forget your water safety.

And be safe around dangerous rocks.

Share an ice-cream with your mates.

Dress appropriately for the weather.

And remember to wear a hat at all times.

Sunscreen is an absolute must.

Enjoy a beverage by the pool.

No, really. Enjoy a beverage by a pool.

Did we mention enjoying a beverage by the pool?

Go for a drive and feel the wind in your damn photogenic hair.

Try some of nature’s ice block – the watermelon.

You can even share it with your friends.

Tell somebody you know how hot it is.

Tell somebody you don’t know how hot it is.

Just tell everybody how hot it is.

Become a fan of fans.

Airflow + ice = cool air. 

No, really, make friends with your nearest fan.

Try not to sweat too much.

But if you have to sweat, at least do it somewhere others are doing it.

So you don’t look weird, of course.

Don’t get dehydrated – keep water close by.

Drink as much of it as you can.

And deserts are practically ruled out.

Don’t leave your pets to sweat, either.

If you go outside, try to stand in the shade.

Ideally, though, just stay inside.

Because it’s hot out there… and bright.

And your pale skin just isn’t equipped to deal.

Beware of heat exhaustion.

Exhaustion can lead to confusion.

But above all, remember it could be worse – it’s 40 degrees here but over 4000 degrees on the surface of the sun. 

5500 degrees to be accurate.

So really… the best advice…

… is to just relax.


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