Video: Visitors disregard Wedding Cake Rock warnings

Dangerous: Visitors walk on Wedding Cake Rock despite warning signs. Picture: Supplied

Dangerous: Visitors walk on Wedding Cake Rock despite warning signs. Picture: Supplied

Visitors are still risking their lives by walking on Wedding Cake Rock in the Royal National Park despite prominent warning signs.

In vision sent to the Leader a group of people were captured on the weekend standing on the rock with some going dangerously close to the edge.

That encouraged others to join them; some were later seen doing handstands.

Park rangers installed fencing off the rock in May last year after images were posted of people sitting or standing on its edge overlooking the ocean.

Last year geotechnical investigations found part, or all, of Wedding Cake Rock in Royal National Park could collapse without warning.

A National Parks and Wildlife Service spokeswoman said people are putting their lives at risk usually for a photo.

‘’To our dismay some visitors are still climbing over the fence or around it over the cliff to get onto Wedding Cake Rock,’’ she said.

‘’We’ve tried very hard to get the message across about the perils of this site to park visitors.

‘’The only option we saw to address the immediate risk was to move to an active law enforcement mode, with people who persist at clambering over or around the fence being issued fines.

‘’NPWS rangers have been working with NSW Police.  The patrols conducted at Wedding Cake Rock between NPWS and Police have been effective.  Police involvement will continue into the future.’’         

She said six fines have been issued so far.

‘’We regret the need to move to issuing fines, this runs counter to our objective of encouraging people to experience and enjoy the spectacular coasts of Royal National Park,’’ she said.

‘’However, certain visitors are blatantly ignoring warning signage to climb over the fence, putting themselves, and potentially others, at risk - usually for a photograph.’’

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