Sydney sonographer accused of indecently assaulting ultrasound patients in Cronulla

As a Sydney sonographer conducted an ultrasound, he allegedly told his patient: "It's good that you're single. It's better to get married after 30."

Samir Fahmy Ishak is then accused of touching the woman's genitals and telling her, "I'm a good doctor, I will check everything."

Mr Ishak, 68, is on trial in the Downing Centre District Court, facing nine charges of aggravated indecent assault on five women while working at medical centres in Cronulla and North Sydney in 2011 and 2014.

He has pleaded not guilty.

In his opening address to the jury on Wednesday, Crown prosecutor David Scully said the jury would hear evidence Mr Ishak "brushed" some of his fingers over a patient's genitals while he performed a pelvic ultrasound in 2011.

When she reported Mr Ishak to the Health Care Complaints Commission, Mr Ishak said he denied any intentional inappropriate touching.

Another woman was referred to Mr Ishak in November 2014 for an ultrasound to investigate a lump in her breast, and he allegedly squeezed her nipple until it hurt and "juggled" her breasts.

Mr Ishak later performed an ultrasound on a woman who had a lump in her groin area, allegedly moving the ultrasound wand over her vulva.

"[The patient] said to him, 'Stop, why do you have to have the machine there? The lump is 15 centimetres away. Why are you doing that?' " Mr Scully said.

"[Mr Ishak said] 'Oh, it's OK, just relax, it's OK.' "

Later in November another woman had an ultrasound, during which Mr Ishak is accused of touching her genitals.

"It is the Crown case that there was absolutely no clinical reason for the touching to have occurred and that the assaults were indecent," Mr Scully said.

He said the assaults were aggravated in each case because the women were "under the authority of the accused … because they were being treated by him and they were subject to his direction in the way the examination would be performed".

Mr Scully told the jury the Crown must prove that the alleged assaults took place "in order for the accused to obtain sexual gratification".

In a statement made to police and read to the court, the woman who was allegedly assaulted in 2011, said: "I remember looking at his pants area to see if he had a hard on. I did that because I realised right then and there that what he did was deliberate and wrong."

Under cross-examination from Mr Ishak's barrister, Gregory Stanton, the woman agreed she made her first statement to police in 2015.

She said the alleged touching lasted for about a second.

"In that second, you determined he was deliberately touching [you]?" Mr Stanton asked.

"Yes," the woman replied.

The trial continues before Acting Judge Rodney Madgwick.