Oyster farmers get widespread support

Plans shattered: Dave Barker and John Hedison, who are partners in Wetland Oysters, had hoped to open an oyster cafe on Woolooware Bay. Picture: John Veage
Plans shattered: Dave Barker and John Hedison, who are partners in Wetland Oysters, had hoped to open an oyster cafe on Woolooware Bay. Picture: John Veage

Re the article “Shutdown orders” (Leader, May 10) and the plight of Woolooware Bay oyster farmers.

This is a disgrace! How unfair for these oyster farmers, this is their livelihood and they are ordered off the land and walk away with nothing?

Merilyn Burns 

I’m confused? So they grew oysters on tar covered sticks for decades. No one ever had a problem.

Now the site needs to be remediated? So they don’t have a problem with all the asbestos dumped at Towra Point

I thought that would be of more concern than coal tar? So are all our bitumen covered roads also a bio hazard? Get your priorities straight RMS!

David van der Weegen

This makes me angry. Wetlands has such amazing local produce, and there aren’t many places in Sutherland Shire you can buy local produce.

Even despite the petition we all signed, it made no difference. I hope they are offered their spot back the second everything is cleaned up.

Renee Tate 

The intended works can be done with limited interference to their operations.

These are the last two oyster growers in the Sydney Basin. Rather than support the aquaculture industry in which the RMS is supposed to foster and grow, they’d rather have no oysters grown and sold in Sydney.

It does not appear that the RMS has offered any decent compensation either. Shame on RMS and the NSW Government. Seems like another rash decision.

Tania Murray

They did this to another oyster farmer down closer to bridge ended up with a $1. Council said area was contaminated forcing them from their livelihood, bloody disgrace.

Kim Crawley

Love your oysters and I agree with earlier comment that we were eating oysters from tar sticks for years and no problem. Why can’t do-gooders leave things alone.

Robyn Begg

What a joke.The whole area from Shark Park to Kurnell is contaminated in one form or another. Maybe they should look into whether there is a rezoning coming in so the council can let a developer build a high-rise apartment overlooking the bay.

Stuart Kavanagh 

Are they going to shut down Endeavour Field (Shark Park), Woolooware High School and the new units? All these sites were tips in the 60s - who knows what has been dumped there.

Warwick Hart

Perhaps the state government could take an interest in where our dunes went and the amount of crap that’s being dumped in their place. And leave the little guys alone.

Anthony Milsted

Yeah i reckon the state government is going to sell it off! Much more money to be made that way than just a couple of lease payments.

Paul Salvestrin

I’ll bet any money that more bloody development is in store for this section. These guys are an institution around here. Hands off.

Michelle Chappelow

Is there a petition going? Absolute BS. I’ll eat my oysters from there any day.

Kurt Bieder 

These guys should at least be given the option of a return lease after the clean up of contamination – if there is any.

Darren McFadden 

Most unfair for these honest hard working farming aussie’s –  bureaucracy madness.

Angelo Morelli