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Excited crowds gathered in December,1960, after a shark was washed inside Ramsgate beach baths in big seas.

For two days, the shark eluded Rockdale Council workers, even when 20 plugs of dynamite were thrown into the water.

But, at daybreak on the following morning, the shark was spotted, and killed by a speargun fired from a dinghy.

The shark was identified as an 8ft (2.4 metre) bronze whaler, and it was believed to have been swept in over the top of the enclosure at high tide.

Ramsgate baths, which date back to 1950, were a poor relation to the baths at Brighton-Le-Sands and the popular indoor baths opposite on the corner of The Grand Parade and Ramsgate Road, where Coles now stand.

But, one thing in their favour was they were free and, so they attracted a large number of swimmers in their heyday.

The original baths were demolished in 1973 and an enlarged enclosure constructed in 1975, incorporating the 1950 baths. 

The new baths were substantially modified in 1999 when all but 10 piers were removed and a floating net installed.

In 2015, Rockdale Council removed the last remaining section of the old baths because they were deemed to be a danger to public safety.


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