Random Acts of Kindness

Say it with flowers

Reently, after I filled my car with LPG at BP Cronulla, there was another gas powered car behind me, so I moved my car so the driver could use the pump. 

He thanked me and I commented that I appreciated it if someone did the same for me. 

I went inside and paid for my purchase, then as I returned to my car, he approached me with a large bunch of flowers.

He said they were from his garden and gave them to me. Thank you so much to that gentleman.

I placed the flowers in my living room and I appreciated his random act of kindness every time I looked at them.

Beryl Stenhouse

Wallet returned

I would like to thank the wonderful Estonian woman from Flora Street, Beverly Hills, who found my wallet and returned it to me.

I had dropped it as I got out of my car and didn't even realise that it was missing.

Your kindness was truly appreciated.

I hope someone does a good deed for you when you need one.

Dori Wisniewski, Beverly Hills

Goodbye postie

We have just read about our lovely gold tooth postie Mark retiring (Kind Acts, Opinion, July 5).

How he will be missed by everyone.

We wish he had of told all of us on the run as there would, and still could be, a huge party arranged.

Everything Tania said about Mark is true – just ask anyone who he delivered mail to.

He deserves all the very best of good times in his retirement and will be on the motorbike of his choice.

Henry and Kay Pittman, Engadine

Barbershop farewell

Best of luck in your retirement Angelo and Licia.

You are legends and I will miss getting my haircut and a good yarn. Travel well and safe and joy. You have earned it.

David Killion

Car park kindness

Thank you to the staff member at Sharkies leagues club who found my wallet, jacket and tap shoes in the car park on Tuesday, July 4. Many thanks.



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