International flavour for new Wolli Creek burger joint

A new eatery has opened in Wolli Creek with the promise of a twist on the traditional burger joint.

Concept Burger opened on Arncliffe Street last month with hungry customers helping to sell out the restaurant on the first night.

It boasts a slimline menu serving seven burgers, each based on a different cuisine.

One of the big draw cards is chef Tomislav Martinovic who has worked with famed chef Heston Blumenthal in the UK and was behind hatted restaurant Tomislav in Darlinghurst.

He has also worked as a consultant chef and earned praise for his creations at Five Points Burgers in North Sydney.

Owner Sergio Spagnuolo said the idea for the restaurant came around seven months ago.

‘’The idea came from something I had seen at home in Italy,’’ he said.

‘’They make special burgers with gourmet ingredients and ingredients that come from different parts of the country. 

‘’What we’ve done is take this to an international setting that would fit Sydney. The nice thing here is that you see people from all around the world.’’

The restaurant is a first for Mr Spagnuolo and his partner Coco Liang and the pair leaned heavily on Martinovic to help choose just seven burgers.

That includes the Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Canadian, French, Argentinian and Vietnamese.

He said it was important to get the flavours for each country right. He has given his tick of approval to the Italian.

‘’The Italian was highly supervised by myself,’’ he joked.

‘’I was very surprised because every bite of that burger made me travel to the flavours of my country.’’

Martinovic said it was all about bringing something new to the traditional burger.

‘’When it comes to the cheeseburger, it’s been done,’’ he said.

‘’Luckily they wanted to get away from that American-inspired style. They wanted that point of difference, wordly was key.

‘’For me it was easy to get away from the norm.’’

He said there was a few key aspects to a great burger.

‘’Integrity of ingredients to begin with,’’ he said.

‘’The key for me personally is the way to build a burger. I spent some time with a food scientist that worked with McDonald's and he says there is such a thing as the perfect bite.

‘’On top of that, nothing really slides out. It’s not slippery, it’s not wet, it’s not soggy. It’s pretty contained.’’



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