Photos | Putting yourself in the picture at Hazelhurst

Sutherland Shire residents with a yearning to become performance artists now have the chance to realise their dream sooner than they expected.

They are being invited to be part of a new performance art work to be presented at the Hazelhurst Regional Art Gallery over the weekend of September 23 and 24.

Called Afterglow, the new performance art work has been created by visual artist Rochelle Haley.

The performance engages visitors in the creation and presentation of work to create a “living painting” using colour, pattern, light, shape and dance.

Rochelle will work with choreographer Brooke Stamp and textile artist Kate Scardifield to design and create an immersive space for a group of 20 dancers who will create a living painting that the audience walks into.

The dancers will wear costumes in shapes and colours that echo the colours and forms of the art installation.

On entrance to the exhibition, the audience will be offered cape-like wearables that are non-gender or age specific, similar to the costumes worn by the dancers.

This will make them less distinguishable from the performers and transform them into moving parts of the performance.

The work will also comprise wall painting designs, moveable walls staggered sculpturally throughout the gallery, reflective vinyl shapes on the floor and walls, coloured lights, draped fabric, and beaded curtains.

The work acts be a ‘stage’, or a spatial structure laid out around the audience and open to their movement so that they become part of the work.

The work explores the concepts of ‘containment’ and ‘escape’ using painting and performance and explores the division between audience and performer.

Rochelle Haley lectures in expanded painting and experimental drawing at UNSW Art and Design Australia.

She has staged 10 solo exhibitions and has participated in over 45 national and international group exhibitions and collaborations, including curatorial selection for shows and performances at leading national, state and regional galleries.

Details: Afterglow, Hazelhurst Regional Gallery 15 - 20 minutes every hour from 10am to 5pm, September 23 and 24 at Hazelhurst Gallery, 782 Kingsway Gymea.