Tree replacement policy in action at Kareela

A photo taken in Nerida Street Reserve, Kareela, by a local resident shows Sutherland Shire Council’s tree replacement policy in action.

The large stump is all that remains of a huge tree, which was more than 50 years old and became diseased.

The reserve is often used by school children and, after a huge branch fell, council workers removed other branches which were also in danger of falling.

A tiny replacement tree was planted in front of the stump.

The resident said it was “proof positive the council is obsessed with trees”, and “it is little wonder it is so hard to get council approval to cut down a tree”.

Others would undoubtedly see the positive side of the tree replacement program, but perhaps wish the new tree was a little bigger.

Under the tree replacement policy, residents who receive approval to cut down a tree are required to plant four trees in its place or pay the council to plant them elsewhere.