School friends aim high for HSC exams

Study: Year 12 students (from left) Chanelle Hosken, Cielle Maddox, Amy Aroney, Olivia Wills, and Helena Ye. Picture: John Veage
Study: Year 12 students (from left) Chanelle Hosken, Cielle Maddox, Amy Aroney, Olivia Wills, and Helena Ye. Picture: John Veage

Helena Ye and her school friends know they can expect a busy few weeks ahead, as they prepare for the up-coming HSC exams.

Helena, 17, is one of the top academics at Danebank Anglican School for Girls in Hurstville.

Like many of her friends, she hopes to secure a high ATAR score during her exams.

She explained she’d love to start her own business one day and become an entrepreneur.

A good ATAR score will help her land a spot in the creative intelligence and innovation course at UTS next year – putting her on a good path to achieve her goal.

The all-girls school will host a graduation ceremony for its senior students next Friday, before they head out on a three-week break to study for the up-coming HSC exams.

One of the most notorious exams, the English exam, will mark the start of the HSC examination period on Monday October 16.

Another Year 12 student Cielle Maddox, 18, said she wanted to do well in this year’s HSC exams so she could pursue aviation next year at UNSW. She said she would love to follow in her dad’s foot steps.

“My dad got his licence when he was 20,” she said. “I love flying and being in the air.”

Cielle and her friends revealed a few good ways to cope with the pressures of studying for the HSC exams. Examples included taking regular breaks, calling friends to ease the stress, going out for a coffee, walking the dog or simply crying.

School captain Amy Aroney, 17, said they had a great cohort in Year 12 and it would be sad to say goodbye to the school.

“This has been a very good year, we are very close. It has been like this since Year 7.”

She said, tongue in cheek, that their family members knew to give them plenty of space and support during the exam period.

“I think they know not to step on your toes. We are on an emotional hill, if people push you you could easily start crying.”

There is 114 students in Year 12 at Danebank this year which is a record high at the school.

NSW Education Minister Rob Stokes said it was a stressful time of year for students and he congratulated them on coming to the end of their high school years.

“Over coming weeks I encourage all HSC candidates to look after their health, take time out to exercise and keep the right balance in preparation for the exams ahead.” Mr Stokes said. 

“While it is an important opportunity to demonstrate skills and knowledge, at the end of the day it’s just an exam.”

More than 70,00 students are on track to achieve the HSC this year in NSW.

The most popular elective subjects include mathematics, biology and business studies, while Japanese is the most popular language followed by French.

  • Headspace Miranda’s top five tips for HSC students:
  • Plan and Prepare: Set realistic expectations, prepare a study plan, reserve a comfortable and quiet study space, reduce work hours and get your hands on as many practice exams as possible.
  • Look after yourself: Develop a self-care plan with relaxation strategies, stay connected to those around you, eat well and make sure you find time to exercise.
  • Rest when you need it: Try not to study for more than 40-60 minutes without a short break and ensure you are getting at least wight hours of sleep. Sleep enhances concentration, memory and increases energy. 
  • Stay focused: There are great study apps to help you study such as Pomodoro Timer and The Forest App, which help you record study time and breaks. If you aren’t using your phone to benefit your study make sure you put in on silent and don’t check your socials.
  • Ask for help: If you’re finding things tough, ask for help. It’s your teachers and tutors’ job to help you understand the subject. If you need any extra support headspace always has your back. Call us on 95751500.


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