PHOTOS | Rare sighting of koala mother with her joey in Heathcote National Park.

Greg Tannos hoped to see some interesting wildlife during a night time walk in Heathcote National Park, but was blown away when he spotted a koala mother caring for her joey.

“We were walking along the pipeline trail, checking out some of our beautiful local nocturnal creatures,” Mr Tannos said.

“I was walking with Jason, an experienced night walker, who has a keen interest in snakes and reptiles.

“It was a huge surprise when, about 10pm, we stumbled upon the koalas, virtually in my own backyard.  

“For me, this was the most exciting find as I have been searching for koalas in our area for many years.”

Mr Tannos, of Alfords Point, posted the images on his website,

The National Geographic website says a koala joey is the size of a jellybean at birth and has no hair, no ears, and is blind.

“Joeys crawl into their mother's pouch immediately after birth, and stay there for about six months,” National geographic says.

“That's about how long it takes for them to see, grow ears and hair, and walk (or waddle) on their own.

“When they're about six months old, joeys venture out into the world, although they stay pretty close to their mother  – usually by riding on her back.”