Random Acts of Kindness

Litter collector praised

I would like to thank the gentleman who walks up and down Milburn Road Gymea and collects all of the rubbish and bottles left by people. 

I do not know his name. He does a wonderful job. 

Obviously he doesn’t have to do this but it is very much appreciated by a lot of people.

Jacqueline Rogers, Gymea

Who’s the ‘Genius’ now?

My iPhone 5 died, after taking it to the Genius at the Apple Store I was advised that I needed to retrieve the data at a recovery site, costing $500  + and then return it to the store and they would charge me a further $379 to restore my phone.

I was gobsmacked.  Retelling the tale to a staff member at Cincotta Pharmacy Caringbah a gentleman sitting next to me awaiting a script said he apologised for listening to my conversation but a similar thing had happened to his wife.

He told me to take it home and plug it into my PC and see if I got a response, well my iPhone lit up and I downloaded my photos as I had too much data in the memory.  Simple hey!

Thumbs up to the lovely gentleman and thumbs down to the Genius.

Marilyn Batman, Caringbah 

Ray goes out of his way

Thank you Ray the jeweller from Pontifex Jewellers for helping my aged mother remove her troublesome wedding ring.

No wonder you have won so many Sutherland Shire Local Business Awards. To go out of your way to come to Frank Vickery Village Lodge and do so for no charge. You are a true gentleman.

Jennifer Foston

Help after station fall

Many thanks to the wonderful people who assisted me when I had a fall on Monday morning September 18 outside Penshurst Station. I am very grateful to you all and appreciate your kindness very much.

Barbara Mason, Penshurst 

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