South District plan meets with derision

District context: Sydney's South District consists of the Georges River, Sutherland Shire and Canterbury-Bankstown council areas.

District context: Sydney's South District consists of the Georges River, Sutherland Shire and Canterbury-Bankstown council areas.

RE the articles on the Greater Sydney Commission’s South District Plan (Leader, November 1).

OMG what a lovely thing to look forward to, what a load of spin!

When Vaucluse does the same I will agree, maybe Lucy wouldn’t like that. 

They mention planners, are they the same planners that designed the streets in the western suburbs that can’t allow your garbage to be picked up? 

Sure it can be done, all they need to do is make sure they have sufficient parking; they widen the roads and bridges; allow for additional sport and recreation facilities; supply additional public local transport; assure the basic services eg power, water, waste will cope; increase the work availability; assure the schools and hospitals and aged accommodation and assistance will meet the demand – nothing a few $100 million couldn’t fix.

Oh! that’s right, make sure the F6 is constructed which appears to be in the never never.

Stephen Worthington

So much land past Sydney in all directions, yet they keep squeezing in housing plans like this. Wouldn’t it make sense to build transport and infrastructure past the metro area so people can live and work locally?

Tina Kofiotis

Schools, hospitals, public transport, roads and medical centres are all already overcrowded, so hey, yeah, let’s bring even more people into the area! 

The politicians at every level, and in both major parties do not give a rat’s bum about people’s quality of life, they are all blinded by the mighty $ and in many cases the even mightier Yuan. 

One big question everyone should be demanding an answer to is - what is the state government doing with the billions of dollars in stamp duty from development?!

Kenneth Ritter 

This endless growth is choking Sydney to death and our way of life is changing rapidly. Enough with the greed, put some real plans in place instead of worrying about lining people’s pockets!

Thomas Bayley 

10,000 new homes and no new roads to get people in and out. Excellent town planning!  Oh sorry, I forgot about the F6 extension to be built and open in 7 years... if you believe in unicorns that is.

Catherine Vincent

Are there plans for new schools as well? Or are they just going to cram everyone in to already full classrooms and schools which already have 1000+ students?

Susan Lotter 

Not enough infrastructure to cope with what we already have. Lifestyle going out the window.

Terry Willett 

Get rid of this state govt. out of control. No rational thinking and no respect for existing residents. Even those who voted for them.

Kerry Coomes 

I retired to the South Coast - sold over-priced Sydney house, building house I always wanted.

The air is clean, we have birds visit our yard all day and I live 200 m from one of the most stunning beaches in the world.

Sydney is a smelly place, and the traffic is beserk. If only transport and infrastructure had been attended to decades ago, when economies were booming then it might work as a city. Instead, things like the utilities we owned as a citizenry were privatised so that the rich got immeasurably richer, and the ethos of greed became all-consuming. 

Glad to be out of that particular rat-race.

Sally Edsall