Random Acts of Kindness

Cash left in atm

Tuesday evening, at an ATM in Cronulla, I stopped to take out some cash. 

Then while shopping in IGA next door there was a tap on my shoulder, and Dave, with a friendly smile, handed me the $350 which I had left in the machine!

Thank you Dave for your honesty and may we all learn from such acts of kindness.

Jane, Cronulla


My 2-year-old daughter had just tripped in the carpark at Westfield Miranda and grazed her knee quite badly. She was refusing to let me put her down and being seven-months pregnant I was finding it difficult to continue carrying her weight so stopped at a cafe hoping to console her with a drink and some snacks. 

It did not work and she continued to cry quite loudly in distress.

One mother came over and gave me a pack of her son’s Smarties to help me distract my daughter. 

I noticed another lady a couple of tables away looking at me and I apologised explaining that my daughter had just hurt herself. The lady left and returned a few minutes later having bought my daughter a special comfort teddy bear to make her feel better.

I was so touched by the gestures of these ladies to help me in a stressful situation when I was alone.

I will probably never see them again but I wanted them to know how much I appreciated their assistance and that their generosity and compassion will not be forgotten.

Elizabeth Elavia, Caringbah

Lost key but not lost car

A big thanks to the very honest person who found my car key in the parking area at Gymea and put it on the wind visor of my car.  

I had parked there while I went to the doctor and when I got back to the car I discovered the key had fallen off my key ring. But for your honesty I could have lost my car as well.

Jean Carmichael, Kirrawee 

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