Random Acts of Kindness

Beau’s saviour

We had been looking after our daughter’s schnauzer, Beau, for a week while she moved house. 

One afternoon he got out and ran faster than a greyhound looking for our daughter who would have been devastated. 

I was amazed at the number of people who assisted in the search for him. These ranged from the dog lovers who were out walking their dogs, a neighbour in the street who went searching in her car and a young man, Nick, from the street behind us where Beau had first run.

That lovely young man ran after the dog and caught up with him near Garnet Road. We are all very grateful that Nick was so caring and fleet of foot to be able  return Beau safe and sound.


Caring community

Thank you to all the kind people who went out of there way on December 11 to make sure my dad was ok! 

So many people pulled over on the highway at Heathcote to make sure he was ok until an ambulance came. 

A kind lady from Helensburgh who called my mum to let her know he was ok, a kind man, Engadine highway patrol, a man from fire and rescue and the nurse who was out on her morning walk. 

Dad’s all good and we’re so thankful to live in such a caring community.

Brooke Blatch 

Radiator on the boil

I would like to thank the security guard who got me a bottle of water when my car overheated on Wednesday, December 20 on the rooftop parking at South Gate Shopping Centre.

Also thanks to the young lady who offered me the use of her mobile phone when she saw I was in trouble with my radiator boiling. Many thanks.

Bill McCrystal, Caringbah South

Retired doctor on hand

Sincere thank you to the many unknowns who came to my aid on Saturday afternoon, December 9, when I fell over crossing Gannons Road near Burraneer Bay Road while walking with my dog. 

Special thanks to the retired doctor who questioned me and told the ambulance driver I didn’t need to be hospitalised. 

The ambulance driver drove my dog and I home and stayed until I fully recovered and rang the next day to enquire how I was.

Apart from a lot of facial and arm bruising I have fully recovered. Thank you all for your kind acts. 

I wish I knew your names - you know who you are and this is a thank you shout out to you all.

Elaine Harries 

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