Short + Sweet letters to the editor

I visit the Cronulla area every weekend and am blown away with the colourful flower display that is continually at the end of the Kingsway and the entrance to Dunningham Park.

Congratulations should go to the gardeners that spend their time arranging and planting the beautiful and colourful floral display that welcomes locals and visitors to the water front area.

Also thank you to the council workers that every day walk along Elouera Road sweeping the gutters and picking up the rubbish left by all of the people that can’t be bothered finding a bin for their litter.

John Bestel

School holiday road bliss

I have the answer to Sydney’s traffic woes. More school holidays.

Driving to work these last few weeks has been an absolute dream. It’s like I’m driving in 1979.

Now I’m no maths genius, but if we can get the kids to school for say 18 hours a day instead of six, we can give them loads more holidays and we all get to work on time.

Stewart O’Meara, Engadine

Counsel was, well, wrong

As this is the still the holiday season of peace on earth and goodwill to all persons, I thought it appropriate to relate a true story about my granddaughter. 

She is in her early 20s now and recently travelled overseas for a few weeks. 

Prior to her setting off, she asked in an informal family discussion for the comments of myself, her mother and her two aunts.

The comments from the women included "what an adventure", "you’ll meet lots of nice people" the chance of a lifetime" and "so good for your education". 

I was the last to proffer my comment: "trust no-one, especially men." 

My counsel was telling it like it is; the women were, in my humble opinion, acting out a song from  South PacificA cockeyed optimist

The traveller returned happy and full of confidence. Ah, well ...

Paul Hunt, Engadine

Failing ‘the Richie test’

If the Poms  want to win a Test, turn the loudspeakers on at the ground and listen to Mark Taylor. He tells the batsmen how to bat, the bowlers how the bowl and the fieldsmen how to catch.

Then again, the down side is he may bore them into submission, is there anything he doesn’t know?

He failed the Richie test – let the picture tell the story and only speak only when it is necessary.

John McKinnon, Kareela

Appalled by shire gafffiti

I was interested to read the article regarding the medical centre in Sutherland having to install CCTV in an effort to deter vandalism in the form of graffiti . 

As a long standing Cronulla resident I am appalled by the increasing instances of graffiti remaining on business and private properties. 

I would suggest Sutherland Shire councillors take a lesson from town centres such as Bankstown and Mt Druitt where graffiti visibility is the exception not the norm.      

Jennene Coull