Random Acts of Kindness

Care after Train sickness  

Recently my physically and intellectually disabled daughter caught the 7.18am train from Heathcote to Hurstville and changed trains as usual to continue on to Kogarah.

Whilst travelling from Hurstville to Kogarah she unfortunately vomited.

We would like to thank the kind person who attended to her and gave her a bag in case she was sick again. 

When she got to Kogarah the wonderful staff of City Rail who know her well came to her aid. 

We would really like to thank Gary who watches out over all the special workers who get off at Kogarah to go to St George Special Industries.  He phoned us so we could come and pick her up. 

He let her work place know she wasn’t coming and provided her with a bottle of water and a seat in his office until we could get there to collect her.

Thank you for all who watched out over her that day and show great kindness to her on her daily commute to and from work.

We thank and apologise to City Rail for having to clean up after her.

Lynette Richards, Heathcote

Car park payment gifted

I visited a friend in St George Private Hospital in December on a very hot day of 30 degrees plus.

I parked my car in a public open area car park not far from the hospital. Returning to pay for the parking, it read that you must pay for your parking at the machine prior to going to your car, that is fine.

I had a plastic card and a $50 note in my wallet. The payment machine only took cash, not that that was mentioned on the sign. I knew that I could not put in $50 for a $4 parking. So I rang the contact number and while on the phone I nodded to the gentleman who was behind me to proceed with his payment.

The person on the phone asked me which car park I was at, I asked the gentleman, and he said it was the one near the TAFE. In the meantime the gentleman asked me how much it was, I said $4.

The gentleman then gave me two $2 coins I needed and saved all the hassles. Thank you.

Judy, Woolooware 

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