Learning letters with The Alphabet Picnic

Making letter-learning fun: Monterey first-time author, Sue Sibbons.

Making letter-learning fun: Monterey first-time author, Sue Sibbons.

Monterey author Sue Sibbons hopes her first book will help children not only learn, but teach them the importance of reading.

Mrs Sibbons, a nanny and babysitter who volunteers her time to do book readings at preschools in St George, recently had her first book published, titled The Alphabet Picnic.

The short children’s picture book is a story about the characters A,E,I,O and U, which are coloured red.

It is set against a sunny background of the typical Australian beach.

“It’s a subtle way to introduce the vowels of the alphabet,” Mrs Sibbons said.

“I visited five libraries in the Shire and I only came across one that focused on the alphabet.

“I’m passionate about helping children with basic things like their speech, so I hope to promote awareness for early learning and help young children with their literacy skills.”

Her new book also received some royal attention, all the way from Kensington Palace, London.

“I sent a couple of copies over and recently received a wonderful letter of thanks from Her Royal Highness, Kate Middleton,” Mrs Sibbons said.