Wave logo stirs community debate

Re discussions on our shire’s new iteration of Captain Cook (Your View, February 21).

The Captain Cook logo is "visible on all council vehicles"?  True - but only if you stand very close: The Cook logo is about 10-15cm. Tokenism at best. 

The new dominant ’wave’ design says little about who we are, our heritage, or Cook’s legacy. 

We are not a brand; we are a community with a history.  

Mike Robertson

Why isn‘t this the logo which stands at our shire’s entry points instead of a logo which has a strong resemblance to 1960’s era cigarette ads featuring an open pack of cigarettes being offered?

Can anyone enlighten us on the intended symbolism? Industrial smokestacks? Prison bars? 

Has always baffled me, but wait ... is that it? Baffles to discourage visitors from entering the shire?  

Alan Nicholson

Council’s response to "Where’s Captain Cook" (Your View,  February 14) claims Captain Cook is visible on all council vehicles (Your View, February 21).

In that case someone else is hanging around this area in white utes and trucks without Captain Cook on them collecting our rubbish etc. 

Maybe I should pay my rates to them.

Council states they are "undergoing a refresh of our visual identity which includes incorporating a Sutherland Shire wave design in place of other sub branding".

Is Captain Cook part of that other sub-branding?

Also the wave sign was created to "reflect Sutherland Shire as a destination where people enjoy lives connected to nature."  Give me a break! 

I suggest that rather than changing a logo it would be better to spend money on the Cronulla Mall, improve planting on the Kingsway medium strip from Caringbah to Cronulla, improve Princes Highway medium strip from Sylvania to Kirrawee.

Kevin Thurecht, Illawong