Three days of temperatures above 30C expected

The huge warm air mass that broke national records in recent days will edge eastwards, setting Sydney up for three days in a row above 30 degrees.

The unusual late-season warmth has seen many heading for our beaches and rivers to make the most of the pleasant conditions.

Sydney’s April warmth includes a record for the month of 35.4 degrees on Monday and is part of a broad heatwave the likes of which have few precedents this late in the season.

Rival periods for south-eastern Australia include bouts in 1922, 1938 and 1986, Blair Trewin, senior climatologist with the Bureau of Meteorology said.

For Sydney, Wednesday's forecast top of 28 degrees will be followed by three days of 30-31 degrees from Thursday to Saturday, before the mercury eases back to 25 degrees for Sunday.

By the midpoint of the month, Sydney could be running about 6 degrees above the April average of 22.5 degrees for maximum temperatures.

The current warmth may be more notable for its duration and breadth than its intensity.

While inland regions may get some much needed rain by the weekend, Sydney's dry spell will only be interrupted by light rain at times on Saturday. 

Other days over the coming week will be mostly dry and sunny, the bureau said