Boarding house ‘solution’

Re ‘‘Hurstville to get talking on rubbish bins’’ (Leader, March 28)

The cited “Smart Cities, Smart Social Spaces” is part of the United Nations’ ICLEI.  

What is this you ask? International Councils for Local Environmental Initiatives. 

Did the mayor, Georges River councillors, in their amalgamation election campaign, tell ratepayers and residents the council had signed up as a member of this United Nations project?

This translates to our council, general manager and local planning panel obeying guidelines from the UN “all in the name of looking after the environment”.

This UN Agenda 2030 is in fact doing the opposite.  Aside from this issue of garbage collection the key component is high-rise to cram more people in the same place. 

How does the UN affect you? Take a look around where you live. 

There is a new Urban Agenda c/o the UN that council is following -

When high rise no longer fits in an area the next “solution” is diversity in housing i.e. building more boarding houses. 

Notice them sprouting around our suburban streets? Where a three bedder once was will be replaced by 15 rooms. 

To get this fast tracked developers do not pay Land Tax. So when a DA comes along GRC obeys the UN. They hand over their responsibility to the state government who allows developers a free pass to fast track their population targets.

There is draft legislation in state parliament to allow more car spaces for boarding houses. More car space with less living space? Does this make sense? 

At the very least demand developers pay Land Tax. Public submissions close April 14. 

Wake up people and place Georges River Council on notice. It stops now. 

M. Tesoriero, Beverly Hills