Our increasingly global workforce knows no borders

In a growing global marketplace, the right accreditation is essential.
In a growing global marketplace, the right accreditation is essential.

This article is sponsored by the Institute of Managers and Leaders

American born screenwriter Paddy Chayefsky once wrote: “There are no nations anymore. There are no peoples… There is only one holistic system… A vast and immane, interwoven, interacting, inter-variant, multinational dominion of dollars.”

With the worldwide revolution of information technology and increasing cooperation amongst trade partners, the idea of a global workforce that knows no borders is now a modern reality.

Employment firms no longer need to look exclusively in their own backyards for managers and leaders. Similarly, professionals no longer need to sit in the same office for decades to climb the corporate ladder.

Across the planet, millions of young professionals travel across borders in careers than span multiple countries and industries. With wireless internet rolling out across public and private spaces, the rise of cloud software and evolution of mobile computer technology, our office desks are increasingly being replaced by the device in our pocket and the laptop in our bag.

This globalised workforce has given rise to the need for a standardised professional level of knowledge and skills. Professionals are turning to internationally recognised accreditations to benchmark their essential industry skills in order to prove their competence overseas.

Amongst these accreditations is Chartered Manager, the first globally recognised gold standard marque of management and leadership excellence.

Breaking new ground in the business space, Chartered Manager recognises management as a profession. Like medicine, accountancy and law, management is more than just a role; requiring industry standards that help cultivate skilled, effective and ethical leaders.

Offered by the Institute of Managers and Leaders in Australia and New Zealand, Chartered Manager is one of an exclusive selection of professional accreditations conferred by the Privy Council in the UK.

Chartered Managers are required to demonstrate their positive impact in the workplace in the past 18 months and how they’ve used key skills of managing change and leading people to achieve it. 

In the UK, 96 percent of Chartered Managers use their designation as proof of commitment to management as a profession, while 88 percent use the status as evidence of their clear impact on organisational performance.

For managers and leaders, a competitive and globalised professional edge can make all the difference in the changing international marketplace. 

This article is sponsored by the Institute of Managers and Leaders