New Penshurst public school concerns

The school will have a distinctive three-storey entrance built in bold colours. Image: Perumal Pedovoli Architects
The school will have a distinctive three-storey entrance built in bold colours. Image: Perumal Pedovoli Architects

Re the article “Penshurst Public DA has startling design: The ‘sinuous’ school plan” (Leader, May 30). 

The increase in the size of Penshurst Public School was inevitable, however, it needs to be supported by adequate parking and traffic management. 

More than doubling the number of students and the increase in staff will put a further strain on the narrow Arcadia Street and adjacent streets, which are shared by traffic coming and going from St Declan’s Primary School and the two churches on the same block. 

If functions are held at all these facilities at the same, it will place added strain on the street parking. Will they need to schedule these? 

The development of nearby Penshurst Park at the same time as the school will also increase traffic movements no doubt.

The DA’s traffic analysis, in my opinion is flawed, but claims that nearly everything is going to be fine. Maybe it only concentrated on certain areas to make it look suitable?

Traffic and parking aside, the primary concern has to be the safety of pedestrians, both children and adults, during and after the expansion of the school. 

It should be considered to run the proposed construction-period shuttle bus service between Penshurst and Peakhurst Public Schools from a better location than Arcadia Street.  Young St, alongside Gifford Park, is about 4 metres wider than Arcadia St, and the park provides amenities, rubbish bins and ample room for the children and their carers to assemble while waiting. 

Temporary shelters could easily be built for their protection, which would not encroach on the playing fields.

Once the school is functioning a ‘kiss and drop’ will be needed for children’s safety, but if this runs northwards along the school side of Arcadia St it will create a backlog of waiting cars into Forest Rd. 

Could they integrate underground parking in the new development whilst constructing the school, to future proof the off street parking needs of the school? Maybe this could include a left turn in from Arcadia St and left turn out, that could help to lessen the Forest Rd queue? 

Also where available please provide parking bay pads on the nature strips, where space is available, to help alleviate the congestion in Arcadia St. Could Georges River Council consider a resident priority parking scheme?

The roof/play area I believe needs more sun shades and trees to about 2.4 metres high, as the synthetic playing surface will get very hot during the warmer periods of the year.

 Mark Pepper, Penshurst