The pair hit the screens on Channel Nine's The Block

Reno rescue: Hayden and Sara are contestants on The Block this year.
Reno rescue: Hayden and Sara are contestants on The Block this year.

Sara and Hayden are set to shake up the new season the The Block, which has smashed its way into action.

The Channel Nine reality show that puts amateur renovation skills to the test will see competitive couples butt heads over the best interiors with as little spend as possible.

Sara, 33, and Hayden, 45, are one of five couples renovating Melbourne’s The Gatwick in Melbourne, an old hotel and boarding house.

They are no strangers to renovation. The couple is renovating their house at Stanwell Park.

“I grew up surfing along that coast and there was an opportunity to buy something about four years ago for a reasonable price, with an amazing outlook,” Hayden, who grew up in Kareela, said.

“It really was the worst house in the best street. We put in a DA and I was about to start when we found out we are on the show.”

With stay-at-home mum and former flight attendant Sara known to speak her mind at every opportunity, the couple has already been described as the controversial couple this season.

But surf and interiors photographer Hayden will have no problems steering the reins, with more than 20 years experience as a project manager in construction.

“It was my idea to apply for the show,” Sara said.

“I think we might slightly butt heads. Because Hayden will want his input, it will be great, but at the same time, don’t take my job away from me. Just say yes to everything.”