Caringbah author and speech pathologist launches debut children's picture book

Encouraging active reading: Author and speech pathologist Sonia Bestulic.

Encouraging active reading: Author and speech pathologist Sonia Bestulic.

Caringbah speech pathologist Sonia Bestulic is launching a book to encourage parents and carers to engage in daily book sharing to help build children’s attention, oral language and literacy skills.

The mother of three and children’s author is the founding director of Talking Heads Speech Pathology and Chatabout Children.

“Children’s and parent’s  lives can be so busy these days, that often the simple art of sharing a book together can miss out on being a part of the daily routine,” she said.

“Book sharing can start from infancy. The benefit of regular book sharing means children are exposed to a whole new world of experiences, and rich vocabulary – it is such a great way to strengthen oral language skills and get children ready to learn how to read and spell.”

She says it also builds sustained attention –  a vital skill for effective learning, and encourages parents to make the activity interactive.

“Have children involved at pointing and naming different pictures, or describing what is happening in the story and guessing what will happen next,” she said. “The more interactive, the richer the experience.”

The author’s debut children’s picture book Reece Give Me Some Peace is due to be launched at 11am, September 8, at Harry Hartog Bookseller, Miranda Westfield.

The book uses rhyme and repetition to tell the story of music.

Her podcast Chatabout Children is due for release on August 29, and is available through iTunes.

Book Week was celebrated this week.