Network Ten's Ambulance Australia will star St George and Sutherland Shire emergency responders

From Triple-0 call takers to on the road rescue missions, a new television show that presents the responsibilities and challenges paramedics face will be shared with a national audience.

Network Ten launches Ambulance Australia at 7.30pm on Tuesday night, October 16.

It introduces the people behind every link in the emergency chain and explores the motivations, pressures and rewards that keep them in the business of saving lives.

The reality program follows call takers from the Sydney Control Centre and emergency personnel treating the sick and injured.

Filmed in Sydney, it features action from five Superstations including Kogarah.

The new documentary series will cover call outs within St George and Sutherland Shire.

It takes viewers through every step of an medical emergency, from the initial emergency telephone pick-up to the dispatchers managing the high-pressure logistics of getting crews to the patients.

Those featured on the show include Chenea and Marco who are based at Kogarah Superstation, the shire’s Josh, who is based at Bankstown, and Inspector and duty operations manager, Paul, 45, who usually works in the Mascot and Maroubra areas.