Residents to provide a vision splendid for the Cooks River

It’s time for citizens to outline their hopes for the future of the Cooks River.

The Cooks River Alliance, in partnership with Bayside, Canterbury-Bankstown, Inner West and Strathfield Councils is encouraging the community to have their say on a vision for the Cooks River and its catchment.

Residents will be asked to name on their favourite places on the river and what they would like to see for the river and its catchment in 2030.

Their views will be incorporated into a vision statement for the future care of the river.

And the Alliance is also looking for 15 residents who are passionate about the future of the river and its catchment to join the Cooks River Community Assembly to write the final 2030 vision statement.

They will represent the more than 500,000 residents living or working in the Cooks River Catchment which covers an area of around 100 square miles.

The responses will inform future planning including the study on the scope of future  research, programs and policy for the Cooks River Catchment Coastal Management program which is currently underway.

Sopem of the visions for the future of the Cooks River include zero pollution with water clean enough to swim in, cycleways lined with lush greenery, and alternative name that recognises its Aboriginal cultural past, present and future.

Bayside Council Mayor Bill Saravinovski said community input is extremely valuable to supporting waterways the whole community can enjoy.

“Supporting a healthier Cooks River is particularly important to the Bayside community because it’s the second main source flow to Botany Bay after the Georges River,” Cr Saravinovski said.

“We already know from previous consultation that our community wants a green, leafy and sustainable Bayside.

“This will involve recycling and reusing water, community involvement in the preservation of our natural areas and enhancing our green grid.

“We’re now asking people to tell us where their favourite places are in the catchment - along the Cooks River, our along our foreshore and along our creeks - and to imagine what these areas could be like in 2030.

“My vision for the future is a healthier and cleaner Cooks River for a healthier and cleaner Botany Bay – the two are inseparable.”

For more information and to share your future vision for the Cooks River and catchment visit