Numerous near-misses reported as a result of lane markings at Caringbah

Changes are planned to overcome confusion for motorists caused by new lane markings in the Caringbah shopping strip.

Local residents and shop workers say there have been numerous “near misses” since southbound lanes on Kingsway were adjusted in September with the duplication of the right-turn into President Avenue.

The main confusion is that some motorists are not sure which lane will take them right or straight ahead at the following turn into Port Hacking Road south.

Cronulla MP and Attorney-General Mark Speakman  acknowledged the problem.

“I understand RMS (Roads and Maritime Services) will amend line markings in coming weeks to direct motorists into the correct lane,” he said.

Fran, a long-time resident, said, “Everyone I talk to says it’s very confusing”.

”One of my friends who drove from Bexley said she just winged it,” she said.

“A neighbour said her car nearly ended up on the footpath because the car on her right veered left.

“It’s very obvious there’s a problem, but no one wants to do anything about it.

“Do we need to have someone killed before we get some action?.”

Another resident said motorists who drove through the adjoining intersections regularly had quickly worked it out, but there was potential for a serious accident caused by drivers unaccustomed to the area.

“I have been expecting an accident for two months, and I just hope RMS doesn’t leave it much longer,” he said.