Shelve partisan F6 manoeuvring

Re “F6 talk takes toll” (Leader, October 31).

I am a local resident who according to the local member for Rockdale should be up in arms over the F6 tunnel. 

I live near the exit on President Avenue, am near the wetlands, near the school, attend events at the sporting stadium and am near the proposed exhaust stacks. 

I have found the development process to be very thorough, the consultation process extremely informative and I have also found ample opportunity to access information and provide input.

Sadly, I have also found the Rockdale MP to be entirely visionless in his commentary about the project and I hope the current government is devoting some resources to fact-checking his statements.

I believe this is a small but important piece of the puzzle in solving the gigantic mess that is Sydney transport infra-structure and think a worldly politician would recognise the need to shelve partisan manoeuvring over such a project.

Ned, Brighton-Le-Sands