Faulty alarm blasts residents

To all residents of the Nth Caringbah/Taren Point area who have been awoken in the middle of the night by a shrill alarm system, the noise which is affecting the amenity of your neighbourhood is emanating from the Bunnings warehouse.

This alarm has been malfunctioning day and night for in excess of three weeks.

For what reason I can’t fathom, their siren points directly at the residential area behind Bunnings as well as other businesses in the area. 

Here’s a tip for you Bunnings, if your store is being robbed or burning to the ground, nobody gives a toss.

How about you turn your siren around and fire it directly into your store. Let’s see how that affects your staff,  customers and the amenity of your business.

Maybe the residents of the area should sign a petition to have the hours of operation altered back to what they were.

It would appear that DA notices sent to residents conveniently forgot to mention this would now be the earliest opening Bunnings in the country on a Sunday.

I’m pretty sure there used to be strict regulations in place regarding operating hours of businesses in this area which adjoins a residential area.

Stuart Kavanagh, Caringbah