To the poiint

Time to fix clocks

Visitors to Cronulla Plaza must get very confused. The clock on the northern end continually says 5.23 and the railway clock on the southern end has not been adjusted to daylight saving time? What is the point of a clock if it gives the wrong time?  

Tony Brownlow

Improper lessons

My nine-year-old grandson recently showed me his primary school report - he went well. However, I was concerned to see that he is being taught improper fractions. I fear for our future. What next - rude words?

Paul Hunt, Engadine

Magazines thrown away

I was at Hurstville library and asked a staff member what they do with old magazines and books. To my shock I was told they end up in a recycle bin. How wasteful! I know of other libraries that have book fairs where they sell them at a very reduced cost and then put the money back into the library. In this day and age surely Georges River Council can be smarter about it does with library resources. How about donating them rather than just throwing them away. 

Library Lover

Tree danger

Another diseased pine fell over onto Battye Ave Beverley Park in the high winds on Sunday, December 2 endangering vehicles, power lines and humans.  These trees reside on the council land adjacent to Beverley Park Golf Course. In 2017 Beverley Park Golf Course was given a council grant of $50,000 for tree management to, as I understand, manage dangerous trees adjacent to the golf course. The trees still seem to be a danger, has the tree management commenced yet or has the money been spent and if so, what on? Why is the community still in danger?

Matt Pasfield, Beverley Park