2SSR radio presenter Ron Hoffmans dies aged 97

Voice of the shire: 2SSR radio presenter Ron Hoffmans
Voice of the shire: 2SSR radio presenter Ron Hoffmans

2SSR radio presenter Ron Hoffmans has died aged 97.

“It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our beloved presenter of Wednesday Midday Classics and The Sutherland Shire Symphony Orchestra Hour, Ron Hoffmans,” a 2SSR spokesperson sai.d

“Ron was 97 years old and believed to be the oldest radio presenter in terms of age in Australia.

“Ron was greatly frustrated in having to compulsorily retire from his career in accountancy at the age of 65 so he looked to his passion of radio for a new ‘career’ direction, working for the next 33 years on a volunteer basis.

“It was at 2SSR, FM 99.7, that he really found his niche, presenting classical music that he loved. Ron joined the station in 1987 and has been a presenter since 1992.

“Ron was a strong believer of promoting local musical events and so he combined with The Sutherland Shire Symphony Orchestra to record their concerts and produce programs for broadcast of those concerts on-air. He did this for over two decades, a remarkable commitment.

“The other great delight of his life in recent times was becoming a grandfather at the age of 96. His grandson Daniel and he had a very happy relationship with Ron often seen cuddling Daniel on his knees and playing with him.

“Ron leaves behind his wife Joy whom he was married to for 70 years (another remarkable achievement) and his son Paul and daughter-in-law Daisy as well as grandson Daniel, all of who are deeply saddened by Ron’s passing. However, as Paul says, “my dad has inspired me to seek to be a better person and his passing only inspires me more to follow in Dad’s footsteps as he was a true gentleman”.

“Rest in peace Ron, you will always be remembered here at 2SSR as an icon of the station.”