Big bull shark caught off Dolls Point just three days after shark sighting at Lady Robinson's Beach

The 3m bull shark caught in Botany Bay off Dolls Point in the early hours of Friday morning. Picture: Facebook

The 3m bull shark caught in Botany Bay off Dolls Point in the early hours of Friday morning. Picture: Facebook

A  3.2 metre bull shark has been caught by fishermen off Dolls Point just days after a shark sighting at Brighton-Le-Sands.

The group spent three hours pulling in the shark in the early hours of Friday morning.

They then dragged it onto the beach to take photographs.

Their reeling in of the dangerous breed follows the sighting of a 2m bull shark just four kilometres away inside the swimming enclosure at Lady Robinson’s Beach on Tuesday evening.

The beach was evacuated and closed overnight as Bayside Council and officers from the Department of Primary Industries secured the area and conducted a search of the swimming enclosure on Wednesday morning.

Divers discovered a hole in the nets on the southern side of the enclosure but there was no trace of the shark.after drag netting the swim area twice.

The beach officially reopened at 1.15pm on Wednesday after divers replaced the damaged nets but  hours before it reopened, swimmers, windsurfers and jet-skiers were enjoying the wider waters of Botany Bay.

Nick Webb was on the beach on Tuesday night when swimmers first spotted a shark lurking close to shore and started filming.

‘‘It was about quarter-past six in the evening with a lot of kids and families in the water - everyone was quick to jump out,’’  he told 7News

‘‘I was just down on the shore with my family and I noticed a bit of commotion and people coming out of the water gathering on the shore.

 “People started running up and down outside of the nets getting the other swimmers out of the water.

‘‘Obviously there are a lot of sharks out in Botany Bay but its pretty unusual sighting one inside the swimming nets.

‘‘A lot of people couldn’t believe what they were seeing.”

The swimming nets at Lady Robinson’s Beach were installed only recently and are inspected every month by council contractors. Divers, council staff and the Department of Fisheries will be examining them closely to see what caused the hole.

They need to determine whether it was a fault in the net, vandalism or whether the net got caught in a propeller.