Photos | Horse surprises swimmers and takes a dip at Kurnell

A playful horse was the main attraction at Kurnell this week, when swimmers were delighted to be joined by the majestic animal seaside.

Saddle off and frolicking around on the sand before taking a much-needed dip in the water, the privately-owned horse named Zak, a 22-year-old pure bred Arabian, enjoyed a swim alongside some very excited children on school holidays.

Photos were posted on the I Love Kurnell Facebook page. 

Lyndal Marr from Kurnell Riding Stables says horses are fond of the water – especially on hot days.

“They love being hosed down, and they love swimming,” she said.

“If they get dehydrated, it can cause colic.

“It’s also good exercise for them especially after an injury because the water holds their weight.

“After a bath or a swim the majority of horses also want to have a roll in dirt or sand for a good scratch and a play.”

​Heatwave conditions are continuing across Sydney with total fire bans in place.

Friday is set to be the hottest day of the week with a top of 34 degrees, before a cloudy and cooler weekend.