Respect has to work two ways

Clearly Sutherland Local Court Magistrate Jayeann Carney took offence to the manner of dress of a young woman appearing before her on a drink driving charge (Daily Telegraph, January 21). 

The woman chose to attend court dressed in very short cut off denim shorts and summer top.  The Magistrate clearly didn’t approve and her comments suggest a lack of respect to the court by the defendant. 

I would hope Magistrate Carney was offended and conveyed her disapproval to her Magistrate colleague who recently sentenced a young woman to a 12 month good behavior bond and 80 hours community service for possession of almost 400 (yes 400 not 2 or 3 but commercial supply quantities) MDMA pills at a recent dance party. 

Clearly this sentence showed no respect to the young persons dying from consuming these dangerous and illegal substances at dance parties nor has the magistrate shown any respect to the families and relatives of these deceased or effected.  

Not to mention the total lack of respect to the general community and the lack of deterrent value in sentencing that might deter other drug suppliers from killing or harming our youth for financial gain. 

Not to mention these court decisions show disrespect to the police officer,  security officer,  ambulance, paramedic and hospital staff who deal with the aftermath of young people dying from illegal drugs.

Is it any wonder some community members show no respect and contempt to our courts and judicial system when often is the case ‘our’ courts show no respect in return. 

 Again ‘You reap what you sow!’

Greg Bamford, Caringbah South