GoFundMe page launched for Paul Brock, killed in crash at Lucas Heights

The kindness of a complete stranger has touched the heart of a daughter in mourning, following the tragic death of a man at Lucas Heights last month.

Paul Brock, 63, was driving back from work on January 5. He was not rostered to work that day but decided to take the extra shift as a bus driver. He never made it home.

After hearing about the crash that claimed his life, Lisa Johnson launched a fundraiser to support Mr Brock’s wife Diane. Mr Brock was her carer.

Generosity turned to empathy, as Mrs Johnson is also a carer to her son.

“I haven’t met her nor do I know the family but I felt compelled to help,” she said. 

The Heathcote father, a bus driver, was killed on New Illawarra Road. The driver who collided with his car, a 26-year-old male, was disqualified from driving when he was behind the wheel. 

Mrs Johnson says she knows all too how unsafe the road can be.

"My husband and I run the cafe at ANSTO and our staff use that dangerous road," she said.

“The grief and sadness that has been placed upon the whole family is so unnecessary as this driver should not have been on the road."

Mr Brock’s daughter, Erin Robertson, says the gesture is wonderful.

"In such a devastating time it's amazing to see the kindness of human spirit shine through," she said.

"My mum has had a very bad run with her health and suffers from multiple chronic conditions, which have a huge impact on her ability to be independent. She hasn't worked for some years and was reliant on dad's income and support in taking her to medical appointments.

"Mum ended up in hospital less than a week after Dad's passing following a fall and developing pneumonia. One of the biggest concerns is if she will be able to remain in the home."

More than $800 has been raised as part of a goal to raise $20,000.