Smoking ban a good idea but will it work?

No butts: A "Smoke free zone" sign in Kogarah Town Square.
No butts: A "Smoke free zone" sign in Kogarah Town Square.

RE the article ‘‘No smoking blitz for CBDs’’ (Leader, March 6).

You wouldn't realise there was already a ban on Railway Parade and outside Kogarah Station from the number of people who smoke there on a daily basis. It's a good idea but the ban doesn't seem to make any difference in reality.

Leilani Hicks

No smoking in these areas but all good for the junkies to take their drugs and get high in these same areas! And then loiter all day long asking for smokes or money - go figure.

Darlaine Penerata

What a great joke. Council officers can't detain someone for those offences and who is going to hand over ID to them - people will just simply walk away.

Brett Hudson

Discrimination and revenue raising.

Gail Mary

Ridiculous! Can’t smoke but people can golly and spit where ever they want.

Amber Don

No one will notice those signs. I was there in Kogarah yesterday and didn't see them. Should be bright to stand out. 

Daniela Zorman