Random Acts of Kindness

Parking rage diffused

Recently my young daughter and I had to do the car 'drop-off' for one of the working children at Menai Marketplace.

As my daughter started to straighten her car, a white van stopped suddenly and sounded the horn; in fairness the daughter should have waited til he had passed, although there was plenty of room to go around her car.

However the driver then decided to get out of the car and make a scene - I quickly walked over from where I'd parked to investigate - fortunately a nice lady had come to the rescue and when I arrived the driver retreated to his van and although I asked if there was a collision he didn't reply and drove off.

I was left wondering what was his real intent and if he'd have been as aggressive if the driver was not a young female P-plate driver 

Anyway I failed to get the name of the good Samaritan. However on behalf of my daughter and I (who was quite upset that night), want to pass on our sincere thanks. 

Greg Black, Padstow

Unparalleled roadservice

I would like to express my many thanks to the very kind NRMA serviceman that assisted my 86-year-old mother on Friday, April 5 at Ramsgate beach shops. This kind and caring man went above and beyond for my mum whose car was having a meltdown. He was a true gentleman and drove my Mum home, carried her parcels inside for her and sorted the issue with her mechanic. It is truly wonderful to know there are nice people out there.

Rhonda McNeilly, Ramsgate

Toddler takes off 

I would like to thank the lovely woman who came to my aid when my two-year-old son ran towards the road in Kogarah last Friday. I had just left a cafe on Belgrave Street and I was trying to adjust his pram with coffee in hand when my son pulled out of my grip and headed for the road. I let out a scream and this angel in disguise rushed to my aid and grabbed my son on the kerb with a car approaching. I can't thank her enough for caring and taking action.

Melissa, Penshurst

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