Woman's near miss on Kingsway with grandchildren in tow

The corner of Mackay Street and Kingsway outside Vision Australia. Picture: GoogleMaps
The corner of Mackay Street and Kingsway outside Vision Australia. Picture: GoogleMaps

On Wednesday, April 3, my grandchildren and I were nearly killed crossing Kingsway at Caringbah.

We were on the eastern corner of Mackay Street, outside Vision Australia on our way to the library.

I was paying particular attention to the traffic as this was the spot where a young woman was killed some time ago.

When the walk signal came on, I checked with the driver to my right in Mackay Street who had his left blinker on intending to turn into Kingsway towards Cronulla.

He motioned to me that he had seen me and I could go ahead and walk.

I had taken about three steps onto the road when a duel cab came roaring through the intersection on the Kingsway straight through the red light, heading for Cronulla.

If I had not hesitated to check the car on my right in Mackay Street, we would have been further across the road closer to this duel cab.

There were also two people walking across from the other side, but they had not reached the middle of the road yet.

As one of my grandchildren is only six-months-old, she was in a stroller, so further in front of me. To say the least, I was in shock that this person was driving so fast and through a red light at such a dangerous intersection. I would like to suggest a reduction in the speed limit along Kingsway in the shopping precinct on the eastern side.

Walking along the footpath on that side, you get a very uneasy feeling that a disaster is about to happen and you are putting your life on the line while ever the traffic is moving so fast.

Either a red light camera or flashing warning lights to indicate drivers are coming up to a red light before the corner so they can be prepared to stop.

I hope something positive can be done to improve the safety of pedestrians in this area, and the changes implemented before there is another fatality in this area.

Jennifer McVeigh, Caringbah