Bexley Public School celebrates opening of new Outdoor Learning Space

Students, staff and parents at Bexley Public School can spend more time studying outdoors after the opening of their new Outdoor Learning Space.

Rockdale MP Steve Kamper visited Bexley Public School on Monday, March 25, a day after he was re-elected as the local MP for Rockdale, for the official opening of the Outdoor Learning Space in the school's front playground.

The project was a Stage three STEM enquiry initiative, where by students were involved in the designing and making of a space to be utilised by the community, in order to combat a 'wasted space' problem.

Mr Kamper said he was pleased he'd been invited to the school and was looking forward to hearing of future projects that teachers had mentioned were in the pipeline.

The students are excited to start using the new space.

"We can't wait to finally start eating our lunch on the new seats" said one student.

"It's been a long process. We are happy that we can now go outdoors to read a book, do some art-work or hang out with our friends," said another.

The students were heavily involved in the implementation of the space, immersing themselves in the Stamford Design Process for learning.

They studied types of materials that would be sustainable for long term use, incorporated mathematical concepts and collaborated with landscapers.