Permanent protection order call

I am profoundly disappointed by the rescission motion proposed by Liberal councillors Kent Johns, Dan Nicholls and John Riad and independent Steve Simpson, which seeks to remove the interim protection order on Hotham House, Gymea (pictured).

This order was put in place for a reason. Sutherland Shire Council's own assessment is that the building is a significant heritage item. Aside from its association with the shire's agricultural history, it is one of the very few early 20th-century buildings remaining in Gymea.

If it is demolished, simply to further the profit demands of the Macquarie Health Corporation, it will be lost forever. It cannot be replaced.

What should be replaced is the temporary protection order with a permanent protection order. It should be listed on the LEP.

David Wenkart, CEO of Macquarie Health Corporation, would have us believe that heritage protection on the one hand, and "world class private health care facilities" and "jobs" on the other, are mutually exclusive.

Yet, cities like London and Paris have some of the finest hospitals in the world, where patients and visitors can see layers of history preserved and heritage buildings repurposed for modern medical use.

Most people undergoing surgery don't park their cars at the hospital while they are admitted. They are dropped off and picked up. This is not hard to manage. Staff have parking needs, but visitors are clearly a source of significant potential profit from parking fees.

And let us not forget that Macquarie Health Corporation, which has 12 hospitals, is headquartered in Leichhardt, not the shire.

With $40 million to spend on their redevelopment in Gymea, Macquarie Health could purchase a less significant neighbouring property for their parking needs.

Edward Duyker, Sylvania