The old days when smoking was allowed on trains and people hung out of carriages

Cattle car at Kogarah

Rail commuters don't have it that bad these days compared with the conditions shown in a 1977 photo when passengers are shown hanging out of open train doors on its way from Kogarah to the City.

Admittedly, the photo was taken during a train strike, but it was quite common for passengers, including schoolchildren, to hang out of the carriage doors because they did not lock.

Also, note the Non Smoking sign on the pictured carriage. In those days, smoking was allowed in most carriages.

Zoo on the move

CityRail's eight-car Zoo Train travelled to Cronulla and Hurstville stations during school holidays in 1991.

The Zoo Train, with animals painted on the carriages, contained a zoo collection, plus activities for children, including electronics and displays from the Powerhouse Museum.

Zoo staff handed out free show bags and biscuits, and invited children to touch the reptiles, including a turtle, a python and a green iguana.

Pie in the sky

Work was advancing in 1964 on the northern section of the shopping and car park being built over Hurstville train station (Photo by Color Prints).

The Hurstville Super Centre was intended to be a five-storey development, but the plans became more ambitious to make it eight storeys and then 10 storeys.

However, it never grew any higher than the building which, after prolonged interruptions, finally opened in 1965.

Shorts-splitting moment

A great moment became slightly embarrassing when Bruce Starkey split his shorts scoring for St George at Jubilee Oval, Kogarah in 1975.

Looking on are (from left) Roy Ferguson, Henry Tatana, Ted Goodwin, Steve Edge and Robert Stone.

Major road flooding 

Motorists struggled in dangerous conditions when torrential rain flooded Princes Highway and King Georges Road at Blakehurst in 1975.

Traffic extended for more than six kilometres.

Players head south

Several top players from the Sharks and Dragons headed south in the 1980s to play with the Illawarra Steelers.

Pictured above are Perry Haddock (St George), Chris Withall (Cronulla), Chris Walsh (St George) and Dean Carney (Cronulla) with coach Brian Smith at Illawarra's first 1987 training session at Bellambi. Picture: Fairfax Media

Show of strength

Beaches that were normally packed were almost deserted empty the weekend after the Cronulla riot in 2005.

Mounted officers were among more than 1500 police who patrolled Cronulla and other locations in the largest security operation since the Sydney 2000 Olympics.