'Rubber stamp' looms on Heathcote Hall

Revised plans: The Heathcote Hall estate at Heathcote East. Picture: supplied
Revised plans: The Heathcote Hall estate at Heathcote East. Picture: supplied

It is so blatantly obvious the state government and Sutherland Shire Council should be embarrassed.

The Heathcote Hall development application for this monstrosity of a proposal has been held over since last year.

Now the state election is over and the local member is back safely in his office the revised plans are suddenly resubmitted by the developer.

Local residents have now been informed by letter that the supplementary information and minor token amendments have been received and are being reviewed by the council and will be submitted to the Sydney South Planning Panel where undoubtedly the proposal will be rubber stamped.

How this proposal for 35 townhouses and 20 apartments, including two sets of flats, can be given the go-ahead in a residential street next to the Royal National Park is beyond us.

And yes call us cynics but the new plans are received immediately after the state government has completed an extensive hazard reduction burn around Heathcote East.

Coincidence? I don't think so.

It is massive over development for a developer, state government and council who have no regard for its local community who have one entrance and exit over a tiny bridge and one which is surrounded on three sides by the Royal National Park.

We have one last chance to convince the Sydney South Planning Panel. Be quick because the rubber stamp is descending.

Residents against over Development, Heathcote

Sunday, May 19 what a glorious sight and sound to see hundreds of black cockatoos over Heathcote East.

They have always flown high over Heathcote East a couple of times a day, but what was different today is, they were circling low and ended up staying and roosting in the trees on the grounds of Heathcote Hall!

Would it be enough to save the property from over-development (no development wold be asking the impossible)? I'd love to see these beautiful birds on a regular basis.

K Baker, Engadine