A 'special place': Sole Therapy podiatry clinic named business of the year


PROUD AND HAPPY: The Sole Therapy team celebrate their success at the St George Local Business Awards.

PROUD AND HAPPY: The Sole Therapy team celebrate their success at the St George Local Business Awards.

Sole Therapy was "filled with joy" and "proud as punch" to be named Business of the Year at the St George Local Business Awards presentation night.

Founder Nicole Reilly said the Ramsgate podiatry clinic was a special place for staff and clients who were treated like family.

"I know that we won the award because we are a solid group of individuals who are happy to come to work because we really enjoy each other and enjoy helping others," Ms Reilly said.

"When employees are happy, people feel that and want to be part of something special.

"We realise that patients are coming to us because they feel safe, welcomed and know they will be receiving exceptional service every single time they visit us.

"We treat our patients the way that we want to be treated and sometimes it literally is as simple as that."

Ms Reilly said Sole Therapy won the award for Outstanding Health Improvement Service in 2015 and were finalists in their category in 2016 and 2017.

They were the NSW finalists in the Telstra Micro Business Awards in 2015 and won the Australian Small Business Champions Award in Health Improvement Services in 2016.

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Their senior podiatrist won the St George Local Business Youth Award in 2018. "We keep striving for the best and are really kicking incredible goals as a multi-award winning business," Ms Reilly said.

She attributed the success of the business to customer loyalty and her staff's work ethic towards the common goal of delivering podiatry business excellence.

"We create a unique bond with our clientele that inspires us to create new and exciting ways to help foot and whole-body pathology," Ms Reilly said.

"We do this through product innovation and treatment services that are based around the gap in podiatry care delivered currently in Australia."

Ms Reilly praised the local business awards process and said the awards evening was "fabulous". She said she wanted to thank and congratulate the Sole Therapy team who "are unbelievable and unstoppable".

"Our clients also deserve a loud and proud thank you for all the nominations and for their continued support."