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More parking spaces lost

Once more Sutherland Shire Council is reducing parking in Sutherland shopping centre. It is replacing 24 parking spots to include a "bike lane". There is insufficient parking in Sutherland without this madness. What is the reasoning behind this?

Alan, Oyster Bay

Labor 'Poll Axed!'

How wrong were the multiple Election Polls, and Robocalls supposed to produce a reliable guide for voters in this Federal Election ? When it came to the crunch the majority of Australian voters were not hoodwinked by either these useless Polls, the Pundits, or the out of touch Mainstream Media, and considered for themselves the reality of Bill Shorten's Broad Tax Agenda,Class Warfare,and Climate Madness, and accordingly voted him out of office at the only Poll that counts,the Polling Booth!

Bill Pickering, Lugarno

Thanks to polling staff

I would seriously like to commend the person that organised the set up of Sans Souci Literary Institute Hall in Ramsgate Road on Saturday for voting. The arrangement was the best I have encountered in my voting life. Clearly defined, free flowing, great signage, and very pleasant and helpful assistants. Great work done when confronted with a difficult situation!

Nanette Wilcox, Monterey

Praise for medical staff

How interesting it was to see the article in last week's Leader about aortic stenosis, as I went through the procedure just recently, performed by Dr James Roy. I was fitted with a pacemaker as well. Nobody likes to be in hospital but the treatment by doctors and nursing staff was excellent.

Wiliam Tenkate, Bexley

Stadium disability access

RE the article ''Stadium eviction incident: A-League dad rejects police assertions'' (Leader, May 15). Where is the common sense and humanity? The last time I went to Jubilee oval with my son who has a physical disability, I was not allowed to enter the gate closest to our seating, and had to walk to the next gate, another few hundred metres away. Disability parking was sparse so we had already walked a fair way. Incidents like these just make it too hard to attend events with large crowds.

Leonie Edwards

Service? Really??

Disappointing that the NBN pit digging crew thought that leaving their lunch rubbish and lengths of old cable in our yard was a fair exchange for taking part of our garden bed edging and a flowering plant. Thumbs down guys.

Julie Davies, Beverly Hills