ALP tried to walk a tightrope

How come the ALP didn't win the federal election?

Clive Palmer bad mouthed ALP and Bill Shorten. He spent $60 million on advertising, running the ALP down. Where did the money come from ? You the tax payer!

How is this? When Queensland Nickel closed down and Palmer owed the workers $70 million, the Liberal Government under Scott Morrison used tax payers money to pay the workers, on the proviso that Palmer would pay the Government back.

I believe he hasn't paid this back yet! Or was it a deal? Scomo pays Palmer's debt on the basis that UAP (Palmer's Party) give their preferences to LNP. Where was the election lost? In Queensland mainly.

What was Bill Shorten supposed to do about Adani? If he said prior to election, "We'll stop Adani when we are elected" the Queensland coal industry workers and towns affected would scream the house down and Vote LNP.

If Bill Shorten had done the opposite and said prior to election, Adani will go ahead under his Government, he'd have lost the Green Vote and preferences.

So he tried to walk the tight rope, trust he'd get into power and sort it out after. He was damned if he did and damned if he didn't.

Shorten had a vision for Australia. He isn't charismatic enough compared to Morrison, but he had a better team.

We aren't voting for an individual but a party which we hope will be good for our great country.

P Mason